Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dante Edwards

Christmas present for my friend Liz :D
its Dantteeee. Her main character for her book TAXED [which will come out in the future and you all must BUY. ;D]

I wuv dante. he's my favorite to draw :3
I used acrylics and some watercolour paints. I don't really like to paint, but I force myself to keep at it until I learn its SECRETZ.
I'm starting to really like watercolours though. Its sooo easy to mix n' stuff :333

Dante (C) Liz, TAXED


geeshin said...

somebody needs to update. haha see you around on campus!

Vanessa [Veevee] said...

I'M SORRY!! ;^;

I know i know. hahah. i promise!!