Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boys and Vampires

Just two latest sketches that are actually scanned.
Pearl and I went to the zoo today and sketched a bunch of cute animalsssss.
I want them all! :D
I'll scan them later because I'm just that lazy. But lets meet the new boys.

Jimmy and Allen! The newest characters that popped up. . . yesterday o_o;
It just so happens that Jimmy is related to Trey
They're Cousins! And two goof-balls.
Jimmy is immature and obsessed with video games. He can barely life seriously.
Allen is SUPAH GEY. Haha.
Allen likes to flirt with girls though just to see how many he can get. He likes to brag about it to Jimmy to get Jimmy jealous.
Trey was basically Jimmy's best friend/brother-like figure until he died and Jimmy sort of goes through an "emo" phase after this.
Allen HATES Tristen [WITH PASSION] because he [accidentally] killed Trey and hurt his poor widdle Jimmy :/
Jimmy is 19, goes to the same Art college as Trey and Tristen, loves video games and root beer floats, and hates cats, zombie movies, and old music/people/things.
Allen is 20, works as Chilli's busboy, loves his pet ferret, to color and cut his hair, and concerts, and hates his job, watermelon, and when Jimmy gets hit on by others.
Used Copic Markers to color. [OMG. I INKED AND COLORED SOMETHING :O]

Finally I designed my Dracula for DETECTIVES.
Main villain, obviously.
He's young, spoiled, bratty, rude, obnoxious, loud, alcoholic, sadistic, power-hungry, cunning, powerful, and a strategist.
He knows what he's doing. And his motivation is "people eat animals, vampires eat people" and "I just enjoy seeing death".

:/ he's not very nice.
Him and Diavolo should hang out some time >>;
Photoshop with wacom tablet

I know. The japanese anime-ness of my drawings just hurts your soul right? It hurts mine too D:
That is why right now I'm going to go watch Bravo TV and trace coloring books n' such in order to get away from it :D Just as Harry advised.
Hopefully this will work.

[In all honesty, I like my style actually. I like how its clean, but I know I will not use it as much as I will use other people's work. Therefore, I might as well branch off now and start focusing on broadening myself instead of locking myself within my own little stories and characters.]

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